Wild Alaskan Salmon Review – The King of Seafood

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Price: $14.50
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: vitalchoice.com
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: 6 ounce
Guarantee: Free Shipping On Orders $99+
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: 9 out of 10

Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon, The Product Overview

I love to eat seafood which includes marlin, flying fish and salted cod. With the different types of fish available, I decided to write about Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon, the most popular choice among customers.

Each and every day it is different in terms of what I eat. With my lunch or dinner, I sometimes have a healthy and nutritious juice or soda and rice and peas or ground provisions wmith vegetables put together and I eat more than one meal of fish every few hours.

Wild Alaskan Salmon is a boneless/skin-on product which comes in a 6oz package which is line-caught and frozen at sea on small boats, iced immediately and flash-frozen within a few hours of leaving the water. Their skin-on portions are great for grilling and offers a very fabulous, fresh-caught flavor that goes with almost any recipe.

Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is the purest among all ocean fish and recommended by the EPA, FDA, Alaska Division of Public Health other and consumer organizations.

This product is Kosher certified which is perfect for Easter holiday. With this article, I will be walking you through my favorite aspects of the Wild Alaskan Salmon Review.

It’s An Excellent Organic Product, But The Shipping Fees Are Expensive

The only drawback about this product is that the shipping fees can be very costly. For instance, buying a salmon product worth up to $98 with a $9.95 shipping fee (which I think should fall in line with the $99 order with free shipping) and with an impact by winter storms causing a delay in shipment you will end up paying additional overnight charges and premium services cost for the product.

On the contrary, it is a good quality product as compared to the packaged salmon sold at supermarkets which are overly expensive and are less quality.

In 2005, a customer reported that 80% of the so called “wild salmon” she purchased in area stores were actually tested out as mislabeled farmed salmon, some of which was priced at more than $28 a pound! Later in 2006, Consumer Reports reported that it’s own investigation had a similar issue.

In other words, it was synonymous with lower grade salmon. This image from Vital Choice shows you what a quality salmon looks like.


King Salmon - Pacific - skin-on - boneless - 4 oz petite portions

Click here.

It’s Not Only Delicious, It’s Nutritional.

Vitamin A 5%. Vitamin C 3%.Calcium 6%. Iron 5%. Omega-3. Protein 37g.

Its is very healthy and this is the reason why I like salmon. Here are some testimonials:

“I’ve had all the wild salmon from Vital Choice and it’s the best! Including the lox. I’ve been ordering from VC for years and I’m always happy with the products. The customer service is prompt and helpful.” – Cheryl C.

“These are perfectly delectable salmon portions–my favorite. They are tender, all protein and natural–the best you can get! Enjoy and recommend to your friends! They will be happy you did!” – Wanda J.

Yeah, that’s right. They all said the same thing about how delicious they are. Even I eat salmon at times which I think tastes good also but I would usually consume the ones in the can. This product can go with vegetables and spices to a healthy soup.

There are a lot of recipes online where you can actually watch people preparing their salmon product (check out the video on this page), put together their favorite recipes and walk you through them.

The Vital Choice website also has a number of recipes that you can follow. Here is example of a recipe of Alaskan Salmon with Apricot-Chili Glaze. Click on the link below.


So it is great for every season and it can offer you ideas for every meal throughout the day, including spices.

Click here to watch this video.

Proper Storage Is A Must

To put things into action, these are some tips for proper storage.

  • 1. Keep frozen at or below 0° F (-18° C).
  • 2. Vacuum-sealeded fish held under these conditions should retain it’s quality for at least six to 12 months.
  • 3.Shellfish and lean white fish (halibut, cod) generally have a longer freezer life than fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sable fish).

NOTE: Seafood stored in frost-free freezers should be used within 3 months.

It’s Official, Wild Alaskan Salmon Is The Best

I am a believer in this product and I know many others that absolutely LOVE their Wild Alaskan Salmon. One definite drawback is the upfront premium and overnight costs of the quality, but you do get what you pay for in this case.

However, it comes with free shipping with orders over $99+ and it is not a health hazard like the $28 a pound dark salmon that is usually sold in supermarkets.

For the sake of your health (potentially your families as well as vegetarians/vegans) eating foods that don’t come out of a box or a package and are raw ingredients are only going to do your health a favor…plus your taste buds.

If this sounds appealing to you, I highly recommend that you purchase the Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon. Vital Choice offers on them all the time (especially if you have a membership) with great discounts and if you are a big online shopper, Vital Choice has the best deals on this product.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Wild Alaskan Salmon or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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  1. Great article. I love silver/coho salmon. The most affordable and most underrated of what I like to think of as the Big 3 for wild Alaskan salmon: king, sockeye, and coho. Agreed about the shipping fees, but here is a great website that lists all the prices and shipping fees for reputable Alaskan salmon companies that sell coho salmon: https://www.fishhousestanleypark.com/salmon/coho/

  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I’m a big fan of sea food for it’s nutrients and vitamin. I love taking sea food with beer when I’m stressed up. It’s always good for party and I would love to order for this soon. Thanks for the review 

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Click on one of the links in the article to order them online.You can apply for a subscription through one of the links above.

  3. It’s good to be living in a time when you can order foods online that aren’t usually available at the grocery store, like wild salmon. The high delivery costs are one of the few disadvantages, but that’s probably just to keep the food cold over a long distance. It’s also nice to have so much information on how to cook it properly on websites like YouTube. When you have good food, you don’t want to ruin it through bad preparation.

  4. Hi Carmeta,

    Reading your review on the WILD ALASKAN SALMON, was quite tempting. Farmed sea foods or in this case salmon, are not as qualitative as the wild ones, grown and groomed by nature itself. 

    I would like to have a taste of this attractive looking sea food, I don’t just eat with my mouth, it begins with my eyes. 

    • Thanks for the comment. You can click on one of the links above in the article to shop and order the seafood online.

  5. This is a concise and informative blog post. You have thoroughly explained in details from different perspective for everyone digesting this post to understand the major points and tips shared in this article. I have read  about wild alaskan salmon but not as indepth as your article. This is indeed an eye opener for me. Thanks for sharing this healthy article

  6. Hi, I love sea food but to be frank I’ve not tasted this salmon before, Infact it’s my fort time hearing of it. It’s been too long now since i’ve tried any new sea food in restaurant. And haven seen this post today, I’m going to look for it, I can’t afford to miss this nutritious sea food 

    • Thank you for the comment. You can click on one of the link or product within the article to shop and purchase the the product online.

  7. Hey Carmeta, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on Wild Alaskan Salmon. I’m a big fan of Salmon, however, I consume Norwegian Salmon only. If it’s better than Norwegian, I plan to buy it in bulk so that I don’t have to pay any shipping fees. Is it really that good?

    Thank you taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Carmeta!

    • Thank you for the comment.It is really that good. Vital Choice Salmon is considered the best which you can hardly find in a store. Click on image or one of the links in the article to purchase online. Here is a comment from a customer’s perpective  “The Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is one of my favorites from Vital Choice. Its very delicate which is a flavor I prefer. I usually just bake or poach it with a homemade hollandaise sauce with meyer lemon and its perfection. Highly recommend trying all the Salmon’s. Delivery & Customer Service is like no other.”- Social Magazine.

  8. Your review on Wild Alaskan Salmon  – The King of Seafood is really a joy to read. The picture of this particular seafood you posted really got me hungry as its feels so good to the sight( though i haven’t eaten such before ) as i think it would be so delicious.Getting it at only $14.50 is very okay because its really worth it. Also thanks for sharing the video on “Vital Choice Seafood | Come Home to Real Food” its really lovely, concise and explicit. Thanks for this lovely review. Cheers!

  9. Carmeta, that looks totally delicious.

    I absolutely love salmon and eat it twice a week.

    I do wish we could get wild salmon here in Australia. Our salmon is labelled as “Tasmanian Salmon” because only the Southern ocean is cold enough for that fish.

    But unfortunately, all our salmon is farmed, whether you get it from a fish market or the supermarket. I suspect the only difference is the supermarket is cheaper. It’s usually around $40 a kilo. If you convert that to pounds weight and US dollars, it works out to around $14 a pound.

    It tastes just fine and has all the benefits of salmon and other oily fish, but all farmed fish have sea lice and the farmers have to be very careful about disease. Clearly, in the confined space of a tank, disease can spread rapidly from one fish to the others.

    So I’m envious. Wild Alaskan salmon looks and sounds absolutely delicious and it looks as if you have a reliable supplier in Vital Choice as well. It would appear to be economical to purchase $99 at a time and freeze it.

    Thanks for this article, Carmeta.

  10. Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on planet earth, and in my opinion, one of the most delicious.  Salmon has so many wonderful nutrients and is so beneficial to the body.  The Omega 3 fatty acids are great for your heart, your thyroid, your brain!  It’s got B vitamins, potassium and antioxidants.  It is my #1 choice of protein!  I love it with garlic and butter.  Boy, the description you gave where you state that it comes right off the boat and is flash frozen for that fresh caught flavor, wow, that just makes my mouth water.  I can’t wait to try this!  Yum!!!!

  11. It’s so yummy and healthy article. I love sea foods. Though, I’ve not much knowledge about the kind of sea dogs available to us. Your website is one stop shop for this such information. 

    It’s been too long now since i’ve tried any new sea food in restaurant. And at the right time I found this mouth watering post. Will try out Wild Alaskan Salmon soon. Cost is also much reliable and easy on pocket. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review. Looking forward for more of such yummy foods in your website. 



  12. This brings back memories. When I went to the University of British Columbia, I spent a summer working in the salmon trade up in Prince Rupert. Although a messy job it was great fun as the people were fantastic. Many Pacific First Nation members worked with me and boy were they good. Left me far behind. One of them told me that Pacific Salmon is closer in type to trout. Well they are the same family. 

    Pacific salmon is different to Atlantic salmon in the fact the Atlantic ones can travel to fresh water and spawn more than once. While Pacific ones are a one time spawner.Coho, or Silver Salmon as you call it, is a wonderful fish. We could take the smaller ones home and boy I agree wild salmon beats farmed salmon hands down. And as you mention it is one of the types with lesser bones. At least much easier to remove bones. I can’t get Coho where I live now but I can get tinned Pacific Wild Sockeye Salmon. And I can attest to the fact that it really is authentic. I should know as I ate enough of it.I will be trying the Apricot-Chilli Glaze recipe. It sounds perfect. Unfortunately it will be with farmed salmon. But it’s worth a try.

    Most informative article.


  13. Carmeta, Interesting coincidence.  I had Salmon for dinner this evening. Although, I have to say it was not tender, nor tasty, nor juicy. And then, you introduced to us Vital Choice Fresh frozen Wild Alaskan Silver salmon. I can agree with you that this is indeed the best salmon. I have not eaten this particular brand but knowing how it was handled and fresh frozen –it would have to be delightful. This is an excellent review–take time to watch the video– for more information. Too much fish is not prepared properly and it turns people off. I agree with you, fish is an excellent food, and we should eat more of it. Thank you for a great review.

  14. Seafoods are great, that’s why I’m planning on spending my next holiday at the sea. So thanks for this great review about Wild Alaskan Salmon, I really enjoyed the post which is garnished with images to show what a quality salmon looks like, but I guess I’m gonna enjoy the dish better. Thanks for this review, keep up the good work. 

  15. This is a wonderful post. This is delicious and it’s really good to know that it can be ordered from online. This article is informative in sharing how to as well preserve some food. Eating fishes and sea food is nutritional to the body and keeps it fresh. Thanks for sharing this with us 

  16. Great article you got here. Fish generally come with alot of nutrients in it . Wild Alaskan Salmon is a sea food with great source of nutrients in it. My boyfriends is a vegetarian, and am so sure he would love me to cook a meal with the fish in it for the fact that it no time only nutritious but also boneless. I would only have a little problem with the shipping fee it’s  very expensive though but Please do they ship to Africa as well? 

  17. I really love wild Alaskan Salmon – the taste of it is so much better than the salmon which you usually buy in supermarkets, and the beautiful deep salmon colour is really different too. I just do not like farmed salmon, as it has been shown that that often has some kind of mite!! And I am not happy eating anything other than organic wild salmon.

    So I really do agree with everything you say. It is worth paying extra for a really great quality fish.

    Very many thanks for your post

    Chrissie 🙂

  18. I had no idea you could purchase salmon online like this! When I did eat meat, my friend would go fishing and catch salmon. I always thought salmon tasted fishy until I tried it fresh. I remember enjoying it very much so. 

    This was such an interesting review, and I bet a lot of people would benefit from it!

    What is your favorite way of preparing/cooking the salmon?

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Thank you for the comment. My favorite will be stewing a canned salmon in a frying pan with herbs and spices which tastes very nice.

  19. I only get to eat unprocessed salmons once in a while due to my location. Salmons are very rich in healthy fats and other nutrients. The Wild Alaskan Salmon looks very tempting to me since I prefer fish protein to meats. With an average rating of 9 out of 10, the Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is certainly a great product. My only worry is the cost of shipping fee. This will significantly increase the cost of having the product to my doorstep. One thing that caught my attention is the reference made about farmed salmons labeled as “wild.” Are such malpractices common also in the US?

    • Thank you for the comment. It is possible that you can receive farmed salmon labeled as ‘wild’ salmon. The wild salmon is usually clearer than the farmed salmon which has a darker skin that can be very unhealthy. You can get a close relative or who lives in the US to assist in covering the shipping fees in transporting the seafood product to your doorstep.You can also get discounts, promo codes on the products and purchase a membership card all to reduce the costs of paying the full price/fee on vitalchoice.com or any of these links or on the VitalChoice Banners in my other blog (New Orleans French Quarter Restaurants).

  20. Wow, I did not know about the 2005-2006 reports of salmon labeled as ‘wild’ actually being farmed! I wonder how many times I’d been duped into thinking that I bought some high-quality fish when it wasn’t. I don’t know whether to be mad, or to laugh, or both!I had never heard of the Vital Choice company before. They seem like they are seafood enthusiasts that offer only the best and healthiest of the sea. The subscription boxes look like a great idea for trying different things.Thanks for sharing the company and the pro-tip about proper freezer storage. Had it not been for your advice, I would toss it in my regular freezer until I ate it!

    • Thank you so much for the comment. Welcome to Vital Choice Foods! They offer a variety of subscription boxes which you can order online through this link: vitalchoice.com, or any links on my blog.Hope that you enjoy the products.

  21. Agree. Good fishes to put on the table are hard to find these days. I am familiar with food meal subscription like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, but this is the first time I am hearing about Vital Choice. It appears that their specialty is in seafood which is one of my favorite. Interesting how my search for buying fresh salmon has lead me to this online review. I am seriously considering giving their Vital Box a try. Do they require a membership by any chance?

    • Thank you so much for the comment. You can purchase a membership card from as low as US $25.00 and up to $200.00 depending on needs and receive discounts on purchasing any item with the card and more. Click on this link vitalchoice.com or the VitalChoice banner on my other blog (New Orleans French Quarter Restaurants) and order the Vital Box online. Hope that this helps. Enjoy!

  22. Wow, this is a good review of this article. Wild Alaskan silver salmon is the best choice for everyone in that it is organic and highly nutritious and it is boneless. I’m already salivating but the only hindrance factor is the shipping fee. I will like to eat it over and over again. This is the best seafood have seen so far. Thank you for this information. Good job here.

  23. I’m fond of fish in the food list. Although I’ve never eaten Alaska SALMON yet I can not cope with the temptation to eat it. Feeling more interested in knowing this is an Organic Product and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Omega and Protein as well. I am going to share this information with my friends. Thanks for writing this Kind of delicious article with a charming video.

    • Thank you for the comment. You can order online by clicking any of those links and click one of the icon buttons (pinterest, twitter etc) at the bottom or left side of the blog to share this article. Thank you again.

  24. Awesome Carmeta. Your article is a must read especially for foodies, like me. Enjoyed reading it entirely. You analysis and review is complete in every sense.

    You have listed some good places to buy Wil Alaskan Salmon and have also mentioned about the high shipping charges. Yes, it’s true. But, we occasionally get to celebrate small parties. So, I believe it’s a good deal to have it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this informative review based article. Looking forward to more of such articles.

    Cheers 🙂


  25. Salmon might be my favorite fish, I like it more than tuna even, but I believe north of 90% of all salmon you find in a typical grocery story in the United States is now farm raised.I actually don’t have anything against that, for what it is, but it’s just not the same, not if you genuinely enjoy the taste of salmon rather than the seasonings you can slather on it. But finding anything other than farm-raised can be a real chore. This might be a real alternative, thanks!

  26. Even though I am a vegan, I remember the times when I used to eat fish and I will say my favorite was always salmon.  Still, I am glad I ended up on your site because my father in law loves salmon but he finds it hard to get where he lives and to know that you can order it online he will be very happy. I will share your site with him and possibly make him a happy father in law tonight!!!

    • Thank you for the comment.You can order it online through the links on the article and choose one of the buttons(pinterest,twitter etc) to share the post.

  27. Hi there, thanks dropping this your excellent review about the Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon,  it’s really a good reviw u have done, I got to read about how delicious it’s and not just that about how nutritious it is and storage method but I think my staying back point, it’s too expensive for me most especially shipping cost, i just hope they can review it and do something about it

  28. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and telling us where we should get Wild Alaskan Salmon. I love Salmon but it is hard to find the organic ones at the store near me. Plus when it is Wild Salmon they just label it as wild salmon. I once asked the seafood guy, he said he doesn’t know. (the owner should do something about this) I prefer raw salmon like sushi or smoked salmon or even a salmon burger. Will check this wild alaskan salmon out, I might be able to share it with my friends since free shipping is at $99.

  29. Couldn’t agree more that fresh and wild is best. I really like the apricot glaze idea. I’ve never tried salmon and apricot but I’m sitting here mouth watering away so it’s on the hit list now. I think the chillie will add just enough cut through to make it all perfect with a good gewurzt or perhaps savi blank. Any way thanks for the ideas but I’m not happy with you because all I can think of now is food – best I get some.

  30. Nice article on Wild alaskan silver salmon. Firstly, I find this article information and educative on how to store some foods

    i do like eating sea food and different type of fish because of it health benefit .

    looking at the shipping fee of the wild silver salmon I don’t think is expensive in my own case since I will getting a good quality of what I ordered for 

  31. A great article on Salmon. Salmon coupled with salad are my best delicacies. Ideally appreciate the way you describe everything step by step especially the beautiful pictures makes the quality of the content more interesting and engaging. I’ll advice anyone who really need a good health to always try sea foods because they are great to our immune system.

  32. Hi Carmeta, Wow, I can’t believe I get to write a comment about Salmon, which I absolutely love. I could probably write 1,000 words on it with no effort, but I will keep this short so that I don’t take up too much of your time. I have read that the Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is the best so you are confirming it now. I like how you point out that Farmed Salmon is a poor imitation of the Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon. I have seen pictures of the two different kinds and it is so easy to pick out the high quality product. Listing all the nutrients that we get from eating salmon is effective and hopefully steers people to buying the product and making it a regular part of their diet. Your site is pointed and easy to read with a link to a site with recipes for making the salmon with a nice sauce and many other methods of cooking it. Very nice!

  33. Ohh I used to love salmon and I am sure wild salmon used to be really really nice. I used to just make a nice fresh salad and out some nice salmon in salt crust on top of my salad. Hmm, my mouth gets watery just by thinking about it. I am saying I used to because I have become a vegetarian wannabe vegan. Mainly because fish is not healthy anymore. Especially fish that are apex predatory fish like salmon there is so much plastic in them now that I stopped eating it. It is sad what we have done to our planet and I hope that we can make big changes especially to fishing the seas empty. Did you now that scientist estimate there be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050?!? Sorry to take away your appetite, but perhaps tempeh can be in the shape of a fish 🙂

  34. I’ve always been one not so big on seafood but with the wild Alaskan salmon, it’s just an irresistible piece of the ocean’s abundant healthful offerings to humans,especially when grilled and served with potato salad. I have never purchased the Vital Choice brand but I have been opportuned to always get the freshest organic wild sea caught Alaskan salmon. They are so packed with nutritious goodness and a good way of satisfying our Omega 3 needs. 

  35. Great Article!

    I really love Salmon, and wouldn’t mind eating it every week. Like you said the cost could be high depending on where you shop. I prefer to grill my Salmon on cedar planks to get that smokey wood flavor, and sometimes I pop it in the oven chopped bell peppers and green onion. I knew that Salmon has good health benefits, but I was unaware of how many it provided until now. I think this is an awesome article to share with people who may not enjoy sea food as much, maybe the other benefits may increase the chance of them changing their minds. What is your favorite way to prepare your Salmon?

    • Thank you for the comment. My favorite way of how Salmon is prepared is having it marinated with seasoning and stewed with sweet pepper, curry and ketchup.

  36. The importance of sea food in human lives can not be over stressed or over emphasized. Sea food has a lot of health benefits which is accompanied with healthy life by boosting out immune system. Sea food has no or very low cholesterol content and quality of vitamins and minerals. 

  37. This is lovely and i need to commend you heavily for writing this blog post for readers to check on. There is a quote that says the food we eat will determine our health status. I have taken Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon several times and i must tell you i wish to take it over and over. Its an excellent product and not too costly

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