The Best Cafes In London – Where To Get Cakes,Teas,Burgers,Pastries And Desserts

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Cafes In London.As you will know, cakes and pastries are mainly my favorite. I love to have a cake or pastry that not only tastes delicious but it’s worth the money. Having to eat any one of those delicacies from the best cafes in London will be the perfect thing to do.

Desserts And Cake With Toppings


Desserts and toppings at this cafe are endless. Located in Bethnal Green Road, London, they have such a wide variety of desserts to choose from starting with

Affogato (ball of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso).

Affogato (ball of vanilla ice cream topped with an espresso).Then there is jelly with either ice cream or cream.The American styled pancakes are also covered in ice cream or cream with fresh fruit and maple syrup toppings as well other desserts including apple crumble,tiramisu, sponge puddings (syrup and sultana), bread pudding and Jam roly-poly. If you want the best of these desserts then go and get it!

Pancakes with strawberry and maple syrup (American Style).


Located in Westminister, London, Recency cafe is known by customers for providing the best baked beans and black pudding in town. However, their dessert menu is no exception. You can get a fruit pie with custard or ice cream as well as their homemade bread and butter pudding.

Teas With Nutritional Benefits

Urban Room

Liptons Earl Grey Tea Brand.

This British cafe located in Kingly Street, Soho provides organic teas that are beneficial to your health. These teas include Loose Leaf Tea (ethically sourced and blended), English breakfast and afternoon blend, the Earl Grey brand. They also have other nutritional flavors which are Second Flush Darjeeling, Cornish Peppermint, Green and White Tea, Cornish (both Chamomile and Manuka), Red Bush, Pink Rose buds and also fruity flavors such as Orange & Passion fruit and Strawberry.I think that these teas are the best that you can find as their prices are very reasonable.


Iced Tea With Lemon.

Situated in Berwick Street, Yumchaa is a cafe with 5 outlets which are Brick Lane, Camden Market, King’s Cross, Putney and Soho. They provide over 40 blends of tea which include tea lattes, iced tea and tea shakes. A particular tea called Organic Matcha (Organic Lemon) made up of green tea powder and lemon flavor.

Blue Tea mixed with Lemon Juice.

For those of you who are don’t consume sugar, syrup and sprinkles then you should try Blue Tea which is made of ‘blue pea flowers also known as ‘butterfly pea’. The tea can be served with lemon juice which changes to a purple color. It can be blended with other herbs and fruits including Fiji berries (super food), lemongrass, pomegranate flowers and rich green tea containing antioxidants. Their brews are whole leaf and served in either china teapots or recyclable cups.

If you are studying or having a client meeting, this cafe has cosy spaces for you to drink tea as well as eat cake and spending time with a filtration system that is temperature – sensitive.

Who Wants Burgers For Brunch?

TomTom Mess Hall

TomTom Mess Hall is modern cafe in Eccleston Street, Belgravia. They provide a wide range of burgers and there are 6 kinds. Lettuce and brioche buns are served in almost every burger particularly Captain Cheese which contains Monterey Jack cheese.

Mess Hall is a prime British beef burger with grilled Raclette, maple – smoked crispy bacon, pickle, onion, butter, tomato and House Sauce. Go Commando is another tasty meal made of grilled Portobello mushroom, chunky guacamole, baby gem lettuce and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Wingman is a different type of burger made of mainly grilled chicken, crispy bacon, Parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing and sourdough which I believe will be a favorite among customers. If you want to have a burger that is a bit spicy, try the Conscientious Objector V meal. This particular meal contains red pepper that is roasted which gives that spicy flavor with mainly mushroom, butter lettuce, sweet onion relish.

Lastly, there is The Scout meal which have that soft, avocado, crispy bacon that is smoked with maple and Saint Agur. Have these delicacies with a drink and you’ll have a blast!

The Scout Meal

Hard Rock

Hard Rock is a cafe and restaurant located in Old Park Lane serving burgers and other American classics. Viewed by customers as having great customer service, Hard Rock is a place that offers the best in their wide range of food choices.

Black Bean & Quinoa Veggie Burger Meal.

If you want a healthy meal, you can try the Black Bean & Quinoa, a handmade, black bean, corn and quinoa veggie burger made of fresh parsley and diced red peppers served on a toasted bun with guacamole and chipotle aioli. Another meal to try is the Guinness Bacon Jam Cheeseburger topped with Jameson bacon jam and Guinness cheese sauce, served with crisp lettuce and ripened tomato.

Does Anyone Like Cheese?

The Big Cheeseburger.

If one slice of cheese is not enough, you should then try The Big Cheeseburger. This is a meal which you can choose three thick slices of either the American, Monterey Jack, Cheddar or Swiss cheese. It is served with a crisp lettuce, tomato and red onion.

It’s surroundings are very nice. You can take a stroll through the area’s main street where Michelin stars and chauffeured cars are the norm in the upscale neighborhood. Even on a tight budget, this exceptionally well-connected part of Central London is worth exploring.

Pastries For Breakfast


Raison De’tre

A French Cafe situated in Bite Street, London, it provides a variety of croissants ranging from Dulce Dr Leche, Nutella, Almond and Ham & Cheese. There is a pastry called Panini made with flavors Nutella and Dulce Dr Leche. These are especially good for kids and families.


Bagaritet is a cafe located in Rose Street which specializes in traditional Swedish cakes and pastry. There are a wide variety of pastries including Halonkokos (Raspberry Coconut), a sweet pastry filled with Raspberry jam topped with crumbled coconut. Allianskringla known as Alliance Pretzel is a puff, sweet pastry filled together with cardamom sugar and almonds that are flaked and toasted. Langskorgor (Crisp Rolls) is wheat bread slowly toasted and lightly spiced with cardamom. You can have these tasty treats with a nice cup of coffee and you are good to go!

These are the overall views of the best in London cafes with mainly their nutritional benefits, quality and tasty treats. The Christmas season and other related events are held every year and there is no better time than to pay these cafes a visit.

What are your views about these cafes? Check on my previous article written on The Top Restaurants In South Korea.

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  1. Thank you for this appetite inducing review. I  am really intrigued by that healthy Blue Tea. that is made of ‘blue pea flowers which is also known as ‘butterfly pea’. I like the tea because it can be served with lemon juice which makes it  change to a purple color. This will be  fantastic to behold

    If you want to have a burger that is a bit spicy, try the Conscientious The burger, Objector V meal which is said to be a little spicy is another good try. This meal  contains red pepper that is roasted and this gives it that spicy flavor with mainly mushroom, butter lettuce, sweet onion relish. This will get you salivating.

    This review is coming up just few days to Valentine, these can make a good places to visit.  Thanks for this review.

  2. Thanks Carmeta for sharing these locations. Some are new to me, as i am helping a friend gather such locations for his vacation in London, therefore I am very happy that I have stumbled across your article. 

    Amazing to see that you don’t have a following button on your site, how can i follow your new post.

  3. Thanks for this interesting recommendation on places to get varieties of dessert and drinks, I find this very informative because I have always wanted to try these pastries for breakfast and it appears you have given me the perfect location to do this. I’m planning a vacation in London sometime this year and it will be a perfect time to visit one of these cafe.  Thanks alot. 

  4. This is a helpful and timely article. I am about to visit my son who now lives in Wapping Lane in London center (near the Tower Bridge). 

    In the days I will have a lot of time to waste when he’s at uni – so I’ll try a few of these suggestions out on my travels. Which ones would you consider to be the most reasonable priced (we ALL know the prices London frequently hikes up!). 

  5. I love going to a cafe or a diner for my meals, it just seems more welcoming and the food always tends to be fresh. I am from the states but whenever I visit a new country I seek out the smaller cafe’s and always like to try new things. I’m not so sure about blue tea but heck why not? I will be sure to look up these places when I visit next time.



  6. My uncle lives in London and often tell me about some of the places that you’ve mentioned here. I am a big fan of tea and always imagine myself drinking English tea in good old London. Never been there so this is nice introductory to help me plan my trip. As it is, I am a foodie especially with burgers but dad is a vegetarian. Would you have any recommendation for that?  

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. I love cafes. They are especially popular for breakfast pastries and grabbing an espresso in Sicily, well all of Italy for that matter. lol I lived there for a few years and adored them.:) I’ve never visited London, but it is on my bucket list. Even the espresso poured over the vanilla icecream looks amazing!
    I’ve never heard of blue tea. What did YOU think about the taste?

  8. Hello Carmeta,Years ago I was in London on a business trip and I really miss that city and its cafes. Yesterday I arrived a grandson of mine who is staying very close to London. I will pass all the places you recommend. He loves all the sweets, especially the cakes and the croissants in the breakfasts with a good coffee. 

    Thank you for sharing such “attractive” places in London. 

    Greetings from Argentina. Claudio

  9. Thank you for putting these together for your readers. You have a way of making me salivate. I love foods that are delicious and obviously, you have won my heart to these different Cafes that you have introduced to us. 

    I will surely love to visit each of them some day. You have made my day. 

  10. I have a sister who stays in London. She have been asking me come spend my summer holiday with her. I remember the last time we spoke, she promised taking me to Hard Rock restaurant and Cafe. 

    I was like, what is so special about the restaurant. After reading this review, I am convinced that there is something special about it. Hope to visit one of the London restaurants soon for a unique taste of my favorite burger. 

  11. When it comes to pastries then I have a weak for it, my wife knows this, if she want me to get anything for her, she knows how to prepare the best of pastries because she’s a fantastic caterer, cook and baker. If I want to eat any pastry out there, I am kind of selective with what I consume. If I ever have the opportunity of coming to London, I know that Bagaritet is a nice place to satisfy my cravings for pastries.

  12. It’s a shame to say I live in London and haven’t visited any of these cafes. I won’t be too mad though – I prepared my food by myself most of the time. I never knew about the cafes, thank God you mentioned them. The foods look so great. I will try them out next time I have the chance.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. I’ve never been to London but I’ll surely visit London, at least to see my precious Arsenal.

    And now I have even more reason to visit London. This meals all look delicious especially the burger from Tom Tom Mess Hall. I love burgers and now I’m feeling hungry reading.

    Thanks for arousing my appetite,

    Now London is two steps higher on my bucket list

  14. Oh Gosh that is dessert porn right there. Now I am craving this and stuck in NYC. It is time to visit my local bakery lol That affogato looks soooo yummy. Wow, you guys have Lipton in a tin? Here you only have the tea bags version, good to know. Next time I visit London I will check Raison De’tre out. Last time I was there I did all the touristy stuff, visiting Harrods, eating lot (I man a lot) of fish and chips in a paper cone, I love it. Oh and had the duck at four season. This time will be for dessert 🙂 thanks for the awesome list!

  15. Hi! I love pastries! And I’m always on the watch out for good cafes.

    I’ll definitely try, Affogato at Pellici! And I have also heard about Raison De’tre more than once. And I was pleasantly surprised you have mentioned them here in your post. The next time out, I’ll go to this place. Panini sounds yummy! Thank you very much!

  16. What a great overview of awesome places to get food, drink, and the all-important (to me! haha) sweets while in London.  You’ve definitely made me hungry, Carmeta! Though I love desserts, I admit I’m really intrigued by that healthy Blue Tea. It sounds very interesting…and quite tasty. I would also definitely like to try the Affogato, too. Thank you for offering so many tasty insights about these great cafes in London. Who knew!

  17. My kid has been disturbing me on the cake I promised to get for him for his birthday and I have really been concerned with where to get the cake although I have heard of hard rock and I haven’t tried the place but since it is part of your recommendations then I will try them out.

  18. Hi Carmeta:

    Wow, do these places sound great! And your descriptions and images of the food they serve make me want to hop on an airplane and fly straight to London (direct flights from Seattle on British Air).

    Being a vegetarian, I’m so glad you mentioned the Black Bean & Quinoa Veggie Burger!

    I was in London once many, many years ago and would like to go again and visit these eating establishments.

    Thank you!

  19. The London Cafe has an interesting dessert with the vanilla ice cream and espresso, I have never seen that before. Blue Tea sounds nice, and the lunches all look delicious. Actually, everything looks good! Thanks for sharing this, living in Canada it’s nice to read about other countries and what they have.


  20. Thank you for the article. I enjoyed it. The pictures made me hungry. They all look so delicious. Now I know exactly where to go if I were to visit London. I am not so much a fan of sweets. But I would love to try out the Pellici and the Blue Tea mixed with Lemon Juice. I’ve never had them and would love to try them out. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much. I have worked so hard on this article and it has paid off. At least you know the health benefits in trying the teas. Thank you once again! You can check out the previous article that I have posted.Hope that you enjoy it!

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