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AvatarCarmeta Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Hello Carmeta, this question section is great as I have a question regarding green tea. I heard from many people how that beverage is healthy but on the other hand, I read on the Internet it is dangerous because of a lot of caffeine. I would like to know what is the real truth about this tea and what is the proper dosage? – Daniel

AvatarCarmeta Staff replied 2 weeks ago

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AvatarCarmeta Staff answered 2 weeks ago

To be honest, the real truth is that many of these teas contain caffeine and other additives which can be dangerous to your health. What I would recommend is that you choose teas that are organic. As for the dosage, I would drink at least one tea bag a day as long as it is natural. Read the labels carefully. 
Here is one that I recommend
I hope that this helps.

AvatarCarmeta Staff replied 2 weeks ago

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