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AvatarCarmeta Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Hi! I have been researching about healthy food products. I would like to find some good ones that require zero preparation (so they may be easier to incorporate into our diet). And I have come across Ezekiel bread. Would you recommend it? In the first places, is it really healthy? Thanks in advance. – Henry

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AvatarCarmeta Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello. In this case, I would surely recommend it as it is made from whole, sprouted wheat, barley, spelt, millet, soybeans and lentils. It is marketed as a healthier choice than conventional white bread which is true due to the fact that most bread contains yeast which is not good and it gets bad really quickly. Even I would eat a healthier bread anytime.

AvatarCarmeta Staff replied 2 weeks ago

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