Top Restaurants In South Korea – The Best Of Traditional Cuisine

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Restaurants In South Korea.

Want to have the Korean cuisine experience? Let me just introduce to you the recognized restaurants favored by customers and visitors alike in South Korea.

Cuisines from the East Asian country are known to be very tasty and spicy. Their national dish, Kimchi, is served at almost every meal.

Korean cuisine is the customary traditional cooking and practice of the culinary arts of Korea.

You may be in for a culture shock, as they are other restaurants making their best traditional cuisines from other countries. These are the top restaurants in South Korea.

Kimchi and Ramen.

Vegetarians, Listen Up!

1. Jungsik
Located in Seoul, South Korea, its cuisine is mainly Asian and Korean, with a rating of 4.3 stars reviewed by customers.

This restaurant also has cuisines that are vegetarian friendly and gluten-free, so if you are a vegetarian, on a diet or have issues with gluten, this would be the perfect place for you.

Reservations is a good thing. You can book them for 7 people and more by contacting them directly. Be sure to order early as seats can be filled very fast.

Recent Announcement!

2. Ossu Seiromushi

Opened in July 2018, the Seoul restaurant is located near the Seokchon Lake Park and Lotte World. It is run by Director, Kim Seojin known as Jin of the popular boy band BTS and his brother Kim Seok Jung who is the CEO.

They provide traditional Japanese cuisine served in wooden steamers in seiro-mushi style. Particularly, they provide dishes like sliced beef, pork, vegetables and side dishes including corn and octopus.

Friends, family and fellow band members have paid a visit to the restaurant to give their support. Fans who dined there said that the food is very delicious.

If you want to experience strictly the Japanese cuisine or have never tried it then I suggest that you do.

Transportation is very convenient as it a short walk away from the Jamsil Station Exit 10 or Seokchon Exit 2.

3. Jyoti

Considered as the best Indian restaurant in Seoul, it is very much favored by locals and tourists alike.

They serve a variety of Indian, Asian, Nepali, Halal, Vegetarian and also Vegan and also dishes that are gluten-free.

The prices are reasonable and they love it.

There are beverages with one called Amazake known as Sake (Japanese), a traditional beverage made of sweet fermented rice.

Amazake Beverage also known as ‘Sake’.

You can buy them in the namachojo, maru, junmai and kubutasenju flavours.

Samosa is another popular food served as an appetizer among the customers at the restaurant, an Indian cuisine made of crispy dumplings stuffed with vegetables. This type of filled pastry will be likable with kids.

I first tried a chicken samosa that I bought from a street vendor back home and I was amazed because it tasted really good.

How Is the Korean Cuisine So Tasty?

4. Mingles

Ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world, Mingles is the place to be for those who want to try the Korean cuisine.

With every seven course meal it is flavored with their fermented soy sauces and vinegar including their famous beef dish called charred beef tenderloin with the truffles sauce or marinated lamb pasted with soybean, grilled on charcoal and covered with vegetable powder.

How sweet is that? Saucy isn’t it?

It’s interior design is made up of a cozy dining room in the basement and a cool, stripped back space combined with blond-wood stone walls.

Their cuisine is also contemporary with a European influence so you should come and give it a try. It might be worth it!

5. Jiwaji

Royalty at its best, Jiwaji  is operated by Mr. Han, chief director of the restaurant.

The Korean restaurant is known for its outstanding hospitality among its staff with a high rating of 4.6 stars for customer service which you don’t usually receive very often in many places.

It is a luxurious place to many customers with a nearby museum which has historical value including the Mokin Museum & Gallery, a popular area among tourists and locals specializing in Korean culture and crafts.

The Royal Korean Cuisine is filled with fresh, seasoned ingredients all year round and is fit for many occasions. If you’re having a birthday party, celebrating an anniversary or conducting a business meeting, this will be the place for you.

A Little African Cuisine In the Mix.

6. Braii Republic

Located in the hub of Seoul, Braii Republic is a South African restaurant which specializes in home-styled cooking.

Braii is a South African word which means ‘barbecue’ and the social event which brings together people from all backgrounds back home.

Pap and Wors with Mutton Chop.

Their African cuisine is made of mostly meat including pap and wors, bunny chow, creamy spinach, surf and turf, peri-peri chicken livers, cheesy garlic bread (which, in my opinion, sounds really yummy) and sides such as curried green beans.

Lamb chops is an absolute favorite among South Koreans as a popular meal. You will get your money’s worth when you get an extra chop or wors added to your meal.

On top of that, you have a chance of experiencing an outdoor seating. Whenever you are visiting the town of Seoul, be sure to have a look at their menu.

Having A Quality Sandwich, The Moroccan Way.

7. Casablanca Sandwicherie

Located on the main street in Haebangcheon, Seoul, this small and popular Moroccan restaurant is known for making the best sandwiches in town.

Moroccan Bread.

Their specialty dish, Moroccan Chicken Sandwich, is made of a delicious, huge, fresh bread (made by a Syrian bakery in Itaewon), with a marinated chicken filling mixture of lemons, olive oil, garlic and a spicy Moroccan blend called Ras El Hanout.

You can have the sandwiches in four other choices (Veggie, Berber Omelette, Lamb Chili and Spicy Shrimp) and three sides(Lentil Soup, Moroccan Salad, Spiced Carrot Salad).

Another interesting dish added to the mix is fried mashed potatoes. Known as Makooda, it is a commonly found street food in Morocco.

Mashed potatoes are fried in hot oil until they are crispy. They can be mixed together with chicken with a few slices of tomatoes, pickles, olives and a little mayonnaise. These meals are reasonable and are especially good for kids.

You can reach the restaurant by taking the Subway Line 6 to Noksapyeong Station(Exit 2), continue for 300 meters, traveling to the left of the fork unto Sinheung-ro, continuing for another 350 meters until you reach the restaurant on the left.

Why Should You Go To These South Korean Restaurants?

In a nutshell, these are the restaurants which give you that traditional experience combined in their cuisines and the surroundings to explore that make you feel at home. You can try paying a visit or make reservations.

Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Updated: 05 February 2019



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  1. Hello, I read your article carefully and I have found it very helpful for me, I learned through your article that there are very good restaurants in South Korea, I like to eat in the restaurant, I want to go there to get Korean cuisine experience. Thank you very much for sharing such information.

  2. Reading your article it sounds like I could go to South Korea and experience culinary delights from the whole world in one place, especially when I fount the good old South African Braai. The braai is one of the most social events in South Africa where everyone sits around the fire talking while the meat cooks. 

    The bunnie chow is a true Durban Favourite and you have not had currie if you haven’t eaten it in Durban and a really rich cheesy garlic bread to round off the Braai is awesome.

    There are definitely a few places I would love to try if I ever get to South Korea. 

  3. Hi Carmeta! Thanks for giving the list of best cuisine in South Korea. I’m really glad a cuisine that offer my favorite local dish is available in South Korea and also among those listed here. I was not aware of this during my last visit to Seoul. I will definitely try them out in my next visit.

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  5. Wonderful post!This is the first time am hearing of a dish called “Kimchiv”. It must be very tasty and  spicy for it to be a national dish (smile). Amongst the top seven you listed, i would love to visit the “Casablanca Sandwicherie” whenever i am opportune to come to Korea on holidays. I love sandwich a lot, and from the picture of the Moroccan Chicken Sandwich you posted, i know its going tot be very tasty and delicious. Thanks for this informative post.

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    • Thank you for the comment. Vital Choice has really won an award for providing quality food. I will place the video below in the blog so that you can see it better and be able to scroll the pop-up bar at the top. Once that happens, you can click on the button in the pop-up bar to check and order those special offers.

  9. Thank you for listing some of the best restaurant in South Korea. I love when you recommend vegetarian friendly restaurant, because I am one myself. It seems hard to find vegetarian restaurant and street food without thorough searching, so maybe you can make another recommendation list for vegetarian restaurant (especially in Seoul). Or, do you have other recommendation beside Jungsik? Thank you

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  11. I have never been to South Korea, but would like to. As someone who is hesitant to try new foods, I tend to travel places with cuisines closer to what I am used to.

    That being said, your descriptions were great and the pictures helped me get an idea. Even if I never make it to South Korea, your review has convinced me that I should branch out more.

    Any recommended Korean cuisine in Chicago?


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    This is an awesome post! This is so chock full of useful information about those restaurants I can’t wait to share with my friends over there. You have come with incredible set of bucket list of  Korean cuisine from these restaurants as it can be frustrating for foreigners who cherishes good local dishes. 

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  14. I found your article about Korean restaurants to be fascinating.  Who knew there would be a Moroccan restaurant in Seoul!  Your descriptions of the various cuisines is particularly enjoyable.

    I have never been to Asia – much less to Korea, but with this article I am ready to pack my bags!

    I shows the portion of your article concerning Kimshi to my son who enjoys Ramen several times a week.  I am sure he would enjoy many of the meals and restaurants – he particular enjoys spicy food.

    There is a large Korean community in my native city of Philadelphia so I am somewhat family with several of the foods and enjoyed learning more about restaurants in Seoul.


  15. Thank you for sharing information on the Top Restaurants In South Korea to experience the best of traditional cuisine. I’m not familiar with South Korea but I think it’s among the countries I will love to explore someday.

    Ouchhh! I’m kinda salivating for the Kimchi and Ramen dish.

    The pap there seems different from the pap in my country. Here pap is thick liquid.

  16. Thank you for sharing with us Top Restaurant In South Korea.I always plan to go to korea .It can seem strange ,but i loved this country by only watching the movies from Korea and I have desire to go there at least for a visit.I like the way they cook and the way they respect each other just in movie i don’t know if what i see in movie is the reality.

    I have many online friends from there and they invite me and i will taste their food once i go there for sure.

  17. I have not yet visited South Korea but after reading your post I am more than ever keen get over there straight way to start sampling some of the great cuisine on offer. 

    While I’m not vegetarian I do enjoy eating vegetarian food so I would definitely pay Jungsik a visit. 

    I was so surprised to read there is a South African restaurant too. Having lived for many years there and having loved the ‘traditional braai’ this too would be an option I would explore. 

    I was just curious to know what kind of price range once expect when eating out at restaurants like the ones you list? 

    Thanks for the great information. 

    • Thank you for the comment! It is good to know about the various ethnic foods provided at the restaurant. Here is a some information that I gathered about the price range at Seoul restaurants.

      Seoul also offers a five-course chef’s menu with “no choices,” for 120,000 won, or $106 USD, $9 more than in New York. (The South Korean prices, according to our research, are not inclusive of 10{8f534792652181caff9e0320ef4335fe6fb4f82727ab94e8127b6b09de16e0db} VAT). Lunch at Jungsik in Seoul currently costs 40,000-70,000 won ($35-$62 USD).” – Jungsik Exchange

      I hope that this information is useful.

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    Due to living in Thailand and missing western food, I think I’d try the Moroccan sandwich first.
    I hope it’s by accident that you mention no olives because these are a Moroccan special.
    I really miss the Moroccan bread, this one looks delicious. Lamb is also something Thais don’t normally eat.

    I think just the opportunity to eat this food is a reason to visit some friends living in South Korea.

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