Best Oils To Use For Cooking – A Product Review

Cooking oils are an essential part of our everyday diet as they provide us the necessary nutrients to sustain and improve our health. They are mostly used by everyone including chefs, homemakers and the list goes on.

The best oils to use for cooking are the ones that are of great taste and what customers are looking for with a combination of similar products.

What Are The Best Cooking Oils?

Most persons use cooking oils such as canola and soybean but these sometimes have little value and are not good for our health. So in this review, I’m going to reveal to you some best healthy cooking oils and other products that work just as well as the commercial products and gave you the best benefits. Now, let’s get started!

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a product that is pressed from Spanish Picual olives. Prized for their fruity, apple-like aroma and tangy flavor, Picual olives are often called the “queen” of olives. This product has tremendous health benefits as the olive oil is relatively low in omega-6 fatty acids.

The family that owns the ancestral orchard picks their olives at the peak of perfection, and gently cold-presses them to create this savory sensory delight. This is a really reasonable product that you can order and it is affordable.


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - organic - cold pressed - 16.9 oz bottle

Avg Customer Ranking: 5/5 stars

Size:16 flo.oz


  • Cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • Rich in healthful polyphenols.
  • Very low acid levels (0.15% FFA).
  • Kosher (KLBD).
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, Inc.
  • Product of Spain.
  • Certified as Gluten-Free.

Side Note: You can also order a smaller version of the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which contains a size of 8 flo.oz at only $12.00 per bottle which works the same way as the bigger bottle.

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Where to

Macadamia Nut Oil

The Macadamia Nut Oil is very similar to olive oil but unlike most cooking oils, it is very rich in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid), which has a neutral effect on blood fats and may enhance uptake of nutrients from vegetables. Macadamia oil is also very low in the omega-6 fatty acids in which American diets are overabundant: an excess that promotes chronic inflammation.

This product is relatively affordable and it is one that is hardly found in the store and I think it is worth a try. Here is a comment from a customer about this product:

I added this to some home made poke using Vital Choice Ahi and it was the best macadamia nut oil I’ve had yet. It’s also very difficult to find in stores so the fact that Vital Choice carries it is very convenient!” – Joe



Macadamia Nut Oil - cold pressed - 16.9 fl oz bottle

Avg Customer Ranking: 5/5 stars


  • Holds 16.8 flo.oz.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • A certified Kosher OU.
  • Cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • A product of Kenya

Storing Of Macadamia Nut Oil

  • For optimal freshness, keep your Macadamia Nut Oil in a cool, dark place, and use it within four months of opening.
  • An option will be keep it in your refrigerator for up to one year.
  • Chilled Macadamia Nut Oil will become cloudy with no harm to its flavor or nutrition value.

Tips On Serving

  • Although it has somewhat of a higher “smoke point” than olive oil, it is still best to limit its cooking use to temperatures of 400 degrees or fewer.
  • Makes delicious dressings and dips and you can add it to dishes after they’ve been cooked.
  • You can use it on salads or drizzled on bread and crackers.

Where to buy:

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil offers a delicious alternative to common vegetable oils. Known for its nutritional and health benefits, this coconut oil is mostly used by chefs and home cooks for stir-frying, sautéing, baking and more.

The product offers a delicious alternative to common vegetable oils. It is low in omega-6 fats, rich in MCTs which is a plus for adding nutritional appeal. I think the cost of this oil is reasonable and anyone basically can purchase this product.

Process Of The Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is obtained through fresh, coconut kernel or “meat” that is shredded, dried and pressed. As a result, it comes as a mild, fresh, fragrance with a light, slightly sweet flavor with hints of coconut.

Coconut oil is liquidized at temperatures above 76° F (24° C) and turns solid at lower temperatures.

In Mediterranean countries which favor extra virgin olive oil, cultures that use coconut oil regularly enjoy low rates of heart disease.

Coconut Oil - organic - virgin - fair trade - 14 fl oz jar

Avg Customer Ranking:5/5 stars


    • It is non-GMO.
    • It is gluten-free.
    • Certified as an organic.
    • Certified by the Fair Trade.
    • It is cold pressed.
    • An unrefined/unbleached product.
    • Certified Kosher (OU).
    • Contains a glass jar with a metal lid.
    • Product of Sri Lanka

How To Store Coconut Oil

  • Store coconut oil in a cool, dark place. No refrigeration is required.
  • Once kept under these conditions, coconut oil will remain fresh for up to two years.

Tips On Serving The Product

  • Stir-fry or sauté foods in coconut oilSpoon a little coconut oil into a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Blend into coffee for a quick and healthy energy.
  • Blend a tablespoon or two with fruits to make healthy smoothies.
  • You can use coconut oil in place of butter to make delicious cakes, brownies, or muffins.
  • Enhance the flavor of chicken or fish by adding coconut oil before baking or frying.
  • Mix coconut oil with your favorite herbal tea, cider or coffee for a wonderfully soothing beverage.

Here are some recipes which you can make using the coconut oil or any of the other cooking oils:


Where to buy:

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9 thoughts on “Best Oils To Use For Cooking – A Product Review”

  1. Finally I’ve met someone who agrees with me about Canola and Soy Bean Oils!  I have read so much about how unhealthy these oils are and the damage they cause.  Personally, I have even found that Sunflower Oil combined with vegetable oils doesn’t agree with my body and it makes me feel quite ill.  Perhaps if the oil was made PURELY from Sunflower Seeds, it would be a lot more healthier.

    I totally agree that EVOO is one of the best on the market today.  I used to have a stall where I sold olives and olive oil and EVOO was very popular, I made good sales from it.  Also Macadamia Oil, did you know that it is a natural weight loss product?  It is also used in stir fry dishes to enhance and bring out the flavours!

    One of my favourite tips with Olive Oil is that you can stop squeaking doors with it.  I proved this in my sister’s house where all the doors were creaking.  All you do is allow about 3-5 drops to drip on each hinge and move the door back and forth so as to allow the oil to permeate the hinge, and… Voila! No more squeaking!

  2. This is a very interesting post on cooking oils.  I did not even know there was a macadamia nut oil but now I will be looking for it in my grocery store.  Gone are the days of grandma cooking with butter or canola oil. Now we look for products like these which are much healthier for us.  Great Post. Thank You. 

    • Thank you for the comment. Click on the banner or link in the blog to purchase the product.Also you can get my free template by filling the form or click the email follow button.

  3. Thanks for this informative post. It definitely is best to use healthier oils when cooking. I use coconut oil and olive oil in my cooking and baking. I had not heard about Macadamian nut oil. That sounds interesting. I will have to add that to my list of healthy oils.

  4. Very interesting post! I often consume olive oil and coconut oil, so I am aware of the importance of making the best choices when purchasing these products. However, I’ve never tried macadamia nut oil or even looked into the benefits of it!
    Learning about the oleic acid content of macadamia nut oil was very interesting and something that I will certainly look further into at some point! I’ll be sure to try it out sometime. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comment. The Madacamia Nut Oil is one of the healthiest oils for cooking. You can click on the links in the blog to purchase the product.

  5. I’ve heard about “Macadamia Oil” before but, I didn’t know much about it neither generally nor in terms of cooking usage.
    If you don’t mind me asking, which one is the highest in calories?

    Your article is an eye opener, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for the comment.The product contains 120 calories which is much healthier than regular cooking oils.You can click on the links above to purchase the product.
      Check out your email for the free template.

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