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3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Amazing video! I have enjoyed watching it. The part when he says that they are bringing back foods that we have ‘on our table’ for tens of thousands of years is the key aspect of the story for me. Humans have grown up eating veggies, fruits, roots, fish, eggs, and such and I support that! Great work by the Vital Choice and thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great video, I love how it shows the hard work involved in actually fishing for it. My b/f is a fisherman so I know its not as easy as some might think.
    Wild caught seafood is sooo much different than farmed seafood. You really never know what your eating when you buy from farmed seafood. Whats in the food they feed them, what chemicals are being used to clean their enclosure. Scary thoughts.

  3. Thanks for this post actually I have been hearing of this site for a while now lollicupstore and I actually had an opportunity to taste one of their beverage a friend ordered for and to my surprise it was cool and amazing.

    I had a feeling it would not be worth the price but after using it for days I was so happy that I ordered for more. And the best part is the delivery I really love it they keep to the delivery date and don’t charge much.

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